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For David art and life have always been inextricably linked.  A passionate artist, he found his way to the camera lens unexpectedly.  As a graphic designer working in his studio, he reviewed some professional images given to him for print.  He was not impressed and stated bluntly, “I could do better”.  Challenged to do so, he bought his first professional camera and shot a few commercial stills.  The clients were astonished.  After shooting for a few more clients his work gained notoriety and he decided to seriously explore photography.  Soon his images found their way onto magazine covers, billboards and more.  David attributes some of his early success to an understanding of graphic design but isn’t too humble to admit that he “just sees things differently and photographs what he sees”.  A big believer in living in the moment and the power of connections, his photos reflect this. With a designer's eye, he cultivates connection and looks for ideal moments to capture each story.

His passion is palpable and allows him to easily connect with his subjects on a deep level.  This is reflected in his images.  If you ask him why, he’s likely to say, “because everything is just energy.  All separation is arbitrary”. His work reflects his motto, “Life is art and art is life”.  Amongst his images you are as likely to find an elegant flower discovered on a hike in the mountains of Colorado as you are to see a highly polished image constructed for print, a sports hero or a child with his mother on a bucolic picnic near the sea, an epic surreal landscape or a recording artist pouring his heart out. 



Jake Holschuh first discovered photography as a sophomore in high school growing up in Cincinnati, OH. At the time, it was one of his only escapes from the monotonous suburban lifestyle he was brought up in. He used the camera to explore and connect with new people and places, to learn more about other perspectives and ways of living. Jake values the intimate connections he makes with the people and places he meets while shooting. He uses these connections to create an image that is not only visually stunning but true to his subject.


After graduationg from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with a BFA in photography and video, he set out to become a full tiome photographer in Denver , CO. Jake specializes in weddings, editorial and outdoor / travel photography. In his free timeJake loves to explore the Rocky Mountains and travel to different places around the world. He also really enjoys coffee and crappy sports teams from Ohio.